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Seven weeks ago, WordPress Theme Team contributors proposed several ideas for improving block themes’ visibility on WordPress.org. These included the possibility of changing the popular themes algorithm to more prominently feature block themes, and/or adding a new “Block” menu item next to Popular and Latest on the themes directory home page.

The directory is going through some growing pains as themes that are compatible with the site editor are the only ones that offer acces…….

Seven weeks in the past, WordPress Theme Group contributors proposed a quantity of ideas for enhancing block themes’ visibility on WordPress.org. These embraced The potential Of adjusting The favored themes algorithm to extra prominently function block themes, and/or including A mannequin new “Block” menu merchandise subsequent to Properly-appreciated and Latest on the themes listing house Website.

The listing Goes by way of some rising pains as themes That are suitable with The state of aftruthfuls editor are The one ones That current entry to every thing WordPress has To current Inside The mannequin new paradigm of blocks. But, the 94 out tright here block themes recurrent fewer than 1% of the listing’s 9,761 themes.

It’s an fascinating time in WordPress’ historic previous wright here the theme a consumer selects can significantly restrict The power To revenue from WordPress’ latest options. That is the rationale some contributors are proposing that block themes get extra visibility Inside the listing. It immediately influences FSE adoption and consequently its enchancment, as people using It is the pathMethod To raised extreme quality suggestions Which will type its future in WordPress.

After 5 weeks the ticket went silent, following WordPress lead developer Dion Hulse’s suggestion that re-doing the entrance Website of the listing would probably be Definitely one of The solely strategies To unravel the wants communicated Inside the ticket. Two weeks in the past the dialogue was reignited when WordPress theme developer and Themes Group contributor Dumitru Brinzan commented with strong opposition to The thought of promoting block themes:

This goes in the direction of every thing that was talked about Regarding the position of themes Prior to now 10 years A minimal of.

In the previous tright here have been A lot of circumstances when A mannequin new tab with themes, A particular algorithm, A particular order, completely different X, Y, Z have been relevant.

Each time theme authors heard The identical music: It is not the position of .org To promote or market any particular product. It Is not the position of .org to make the themes repo Appear to be the plugins repo.

The logical request of perioddicating the default Twenty themes from the Properly-appreciated tab fell on deaf years.

However now tright here’s A mannequin new shiny toy (That is not even ready or needed by Most of the people).
And all of a sudden Individuals with a direct curiosity in having a spotlight on their themes are pushing this “new” idea.

That Is usually a spit Inside the face of the lots of (if not hundreds) of theme authors Which have been contributing to .org till now.

Automattic-sponsored Themes Group contributor Sarah Norris submitted a PR that provides a ‘Block’ tab to the Theme Directory filter itemizing. It filters themes using The complete-website-modifying tag, which is presently buried three clicks deep For A lot of who …….

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