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WordPress powers businesses all over the world. It is one of the most popular website building platforms, and it allows you to create a website or blog from scratch or improve an existing website. There are many notable brands, celebrities and companies that use it too. This article discusses what WordPress is and how it can benefit your business. By the end of this post, you should definitely know the answer to the question, “What is WordPress?”

What is a WordPress Website?


PhrasePress powers companies All by way of the place Inside the world. It is Amongst The numerous Hottest internet website constructing plattypes, and it Permits you to create An interinternet website or weblog from scratch or enhance an current internet website. Tright here are A lot of notable fashions, celebrities And agencys that use it too. This textual content material discusses what PhrasePress is and The biggest method It’d revenue Your small enterprise. By The prime of this submit, You should undoubtedly know The reply to the question, “What’s PhrasePress?”

What’s a PhrasePress Webwebsite?

Do You’d like to ever did an internet Search for “What’s PhrasePress?” you’d probably discover out Greater than 1 in 4 internet web websites use The internet website plattype to power Their very personal internet website (by the method, the time period ‘PhrasePress’ is Looked for almost 3 million events a month!). That’s all properly and good, Neverthemuch less it doesn’t actually reply the question, “What’s PhrasePress?” proper?

Merely put, PhrasePress is a content material administration system (CMS) created in 2003 by PhrasePress particularistings Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The duo designed it as a system to make it straightforward for Individuals with none coding expertise to create An interinternet website or weblog from scratch. It is a free, open-supply Computer software system licensed beneath GPLv2 (or later), which means any consumer can use, modify or contribute to its codebase.

As properly as, PhrasePress’s open-supply Computer software system has finish-to-finish encryption That Can be make the most ofd By your self internet server or by a internet hosting agency. Its performance and ease of use have Outcomeed in An monumental group of PhrasePress clients and PhrasePress constructers Who’ve created and make the most ofd themes, plugins, and fullly different mannequins to shortly And simply construct somefactor from large on-line retailers to a straightforward weblog.

10 Useful PhrasePress Statistics

Do You’d like to need further assist convincing yourselves or fullly differents that PhrasePress is Definitely one of the biggest CMS system In your small enterprise, Enconstructive To take a Take A look On The subsequent PhrasePress statistics:

  1. It is presently The most properly-appreciated content material administration system On the internet.
  2. People go to PhrasePress Greater than the social media huge Twitter, which has a whopping 156 million distinctive go toors a month.
  3. With a PhrasePress theme-constructer like seedprod, even clients Who’ren’t very technically expert can simply create a custom-made PhrasePress theme from scratch.
  4. Over 400 million people go to a PhrasePress internet website every month.
  5. 661 PhrasePress web websites and almost 300 new WooCommerce retailers seem on common every day.
  6. Tright here are over 59,000 free plugins out tright here Inside the PhrasePress plugin listing.
  7. Over 187 nations have A minimal Of 1 lively PhrasePress set upation.
  8. The PhrasePress.org internet website receives over two billion Website views Per thirty days.
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